Prospect Media (PMI) / Stratafly

Hobbs Marketing and Prospect Media: remembering a successful partnership

From year 2000 to 2008, Hobbs Marketing was acting as the Prospect Media / Stratafly exclusive rep for the Quebec and Atlantic regions. Through these years, Hobbs’s team has gained strong experience of Door Hangers / Door Hang Bags and direct mail as well as extensive consumer targeting know how.

Together, the companies ran more than 40 at-home programs, targeting over 8 million Canadian homes. Strong of this experience, Hobbs Marketing’s team is now managing complete at home programs without the help of PMI. Not only can we offer these programs, but the company now offers its expertise in different communication channels: in-store, at-home, events and web. We also created our own web media, where online consumers can order mail-to-home, print-at-home or mobile coupons from the comfort of their home. See

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