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Founded in 1999, Hobbs Marketing is a marketing services company specialized in the development of shopper marketing, advertising and promotions. We stand out through our unique expertise as no other company in Canada offers turnkey service in our 4 types of communication channels. We act as advisors both to advertisers and agencies. Companies such as iögo, Unilever, SC Johnson, A. Lassonde, Schering-Plough and L’Oreal have all reaped the benefits of our professionalism and our exceptional efficiency. Additionally our client list includes agencies such as Zenith Optimedia, M2 Universal, Six Degrees, Draft/FCB, KBS+ (Capital C), Cossette and Carat, with whom we have worked with for several years.

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Pass ‘GO’ and Claim Your Coupons!

Launched in January 2009, GoCoupons offers advertisers incomparable visibility and flexibility allowing consumers to order impactful, oversized 7” x 4” double sided coupons from the comfort of their home. Coupons are in consumers’ hands in only 5 to 7 days after their free, online request. Most importantly, these coupons are 100% accepted in all Canadian grocery, mass and drug stores and offer exceptional security as offers cannot be manipulated because coupons are preprinted.
+ Print-at-home Coupons
+ Mobile Coupons

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Meet Some of Our Client and Agency Partners

L'Oréal, Unilever, Aliments Ultima, Van Houtte, Merck, Beiersdorf, General Mills, Lassonde, Abbott, Pfizer, Irving Consumer Products, SC Johnson, etc... and agencies such as ...
Zenith Optimedia, M2 Universal, Accumark, Draft/FCB, Capital C, Cossette and Carat, etc...

"Our clients get results that exceed their expectations" ... Denise Hobbs, President
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